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Normativity according to Hayek

Herein you will find the text for the next seminar on Friday. The text is a ‘working paper’ . It lacks complete footnotes and the language requires to be reviewed and corrected. Please note that it is my first text in English:)


About the bibliography once again. Stanford Technology Law Review.

Stanford Technology Law Review provides articles and surveys connected with the intersection of legal analysis and new technologies. As we can read is brief description:

The Stanford Technology Law Review (STLR) strives to present well-rounded analyses of the legal, business, and policy issues that arise at the intersection of intellectual property law, science and technology, and industry. STLR publishes exclusively online, providing timely coverage of emerging issues to its readership base of legal academics and practitioners.

Site of the Review provides submission details, database of papers and information about current events.



Neurolaw & Neuropolitics

A discussion with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Dartmouth College), Nita Farahany (Vanderbilt University), Sheril Kirshenbaum (Duke Universty), and Lawrence Krauss (Arizona State University).
Moderated by TSN Director Roger Bingham

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Wojciech Załuski – On the Applicability of Evolutionary Anthropology in Legal and Moral Philosophy

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z tekstem Wojciecha Załuskiego pt. “On the Applicability of Evolutionary Anthropology in Legal and Moral Philosophy“.


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Office Hours with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong on Neuroscience in the Law

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Brain Research at Stanford: The Law

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O. D. Jones, Behavioral Genetics and Crime, in Context, Law and Contemporary Problems, Vol. 69, pp. 81-100, 2006.

We warmly invite you to pursue the short review of the paper Behavioral Genetics and Crime, in Context by O. D. Jones

The review is available here.


B. Brożek, The ontology of law from a biological perspective (draft version)

We warmly invite you to pursue the draft version of the paper The ontology of law from a biological perspective by Bartosz Brożek.


Lori B. Andrews, J.D., Predicting and Punishing Antisocial Acts. How the Criminal Justice System Might Use Behavioral Genetics [in:] R.A. Carson, M.A. Rothstein (ed.), Behavioral Genetics – The Clash of Culture and Biology, The Johns Hopkins University Press 1999, pp. 116-156.

We warmly invite you to pursue the short review of the paper Predicting and punishing antisocial Acts. How the Criminal Justice System Might Use Behavioral Genetics by L. B. Andrews.

The review is available here.


We are back! New paper and invitation to cooperation!

After a short break we are back!

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in topics related to neuroscience and law  to read and comment on the following paper – Neurolaw. A new paradigm in legal philosophy.

We are happy to announce that anyone interested in law and biology can publish her papers, drafts and short reviews on our blog.

We accept papers in Polish and English.

Enjoy reading!