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Neurolaw & Neuropolitics

A discussion with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Dartmouth College), Nita Farahany (Vanderbilt University), Sheril Kirshenbaum (Duke Universty), and Lawrence Krauss (Arizona State University).
Moderated by TSN Director Roger Bingham

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Comments on Wojciech Załuski’s paper ‘On the Applicability of Evolutionary Anthropology in Legal and Moral Philosophy’

1. In his characteristically lucid and skillfully grounded paper Wojciech claims (1) that evolutionary anthropology (understood as a nontrivial view of human nature mainly based on evolutionary psychology) can be used fruitfully in the analysis of some questions of legal philosophy, and (2) that the relevance of evolutionary anthropology for moral philosophy is very limited. These claims strike one as being quite counterintuitive: after all, the issue of how natural selection has shaped our sense of morality, moral behavior, and moral intuitions is a rather heatedly debated topic, at least among philosophers and evolutionary psychologists. The prevailing view on this problem is that homo sapiens possesses at least a minimal innate moral competence, which is of an evolutionary origin. On the other hand, positive law, conferred by an act of legislation, seems to be of a much more conventional nature than morality. It follows that our sense of legality, legal behavior, and legal intuitions do not rest upon some hard-wired dispositions shaped by evolution. They seem to be influenced by the necessity to resolve in an efficient way some important issues which were absent in ancestral environments (e.g. legitimacy of state coercion, limitations of public power, contractual obligations).

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Wojciech Załuski – On the Applicability of Evolutionary Anthropology in Legal and Moral Philosophy

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z tekstem Wojciecha Załuskiego pt. “On the Applicability of Evolutionary Anthropology in Legal and Moral Philosophy“.


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Office Hours with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong on Neuroscience in the Law

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Brain Research at Stanford: The Law

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Dr. Nita Farahany – Law, Behavioral Genetics & Neuroscience

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O. D. Jones, Behavioral Genetics and Crime, in Context, Law and Contemporary Problems, Vol. 69, pp. 81-100, 2006.

We warmly invite you to pursue the short review of the paper Behavioral Genetics and Crime, in Context by O. D. Jones

The review is available here.


B. Brożek, The ontology of law from a biological perspective (draft version)

We warmly invite you to pursue the draft version of the paper The ontology of law from a biological perspective by Bartosz Brożek.


B. Garland, Mark S. Frankel, Considering convergence: a policy dialogue about behavioral genetics, neurosciences, and law, 69- SPG LAW & CONTEMP. PROBS. 101

We warmly invite you to pursue the short review of the paper Considering convergence: a policy dialogue about behavioral genetics, neurosciences, and law by B. Garland, M.S. Frankel.

The review is available here.