Konspekt tekstu “Problem wolnej woli z perspektywy nauk biologicznych”

Konspekt tekstu, pod roboczym tytułem “Problem wolnej woli z perspektywy nauk biologicznych”, znajduje się tutaj.


One Comment to “Konspekt tekstu “Problem wolnej woli z perspektywy nauk biologicznych””

  1. An interesting proposal which has a number of strong elements but to which I would suggest a few amendments.

    Structural & methodological suggestions

    Generally logical and clearly thought out, leading the reader to the conclusions presented. I feel that perhaps the following aspects could be addressed/fleshed out:

    – the initial definition is, as the author admits, very loose and open. What is also clear, from the historical/philosophical overview, is that the philosophers in question meant different things by the conception and, frequently, would not ‘fit’ within this scheme. I would almost discard the general definition and focus on what Hume/Kant understood by the term.

    – Aristotle and Aquinas could perhaps be joined together in a philosophical background section, given Aristotle did not explicitly deal with the concept and Aquinas meant it in a very specific theological context. This would leave the author to focus on two closely related but conflicting conceptions.

    -doing so would also allow the author to use the empirical section to compare the findings of the biological sciences with the views of Hume/Kant and the idea of the ‘ability to do otherwise’

    These structural changes would, I feel, make the piece tighter and more focused.


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