R. Zyzik, “Osoba w prawie prywatnym. Rekonstrukcja”

Tekst do dyskusji: Radosław Zyzik, “Osoba w prawie prywatnym. Rekonstrukcja”.

Tekst PDF


One Comment to “R. Zyzik, “Osoba w prawie prywatnym. Rekonstrukcja””

  1. An interesting and well written piece on the whole – the fundamental point of the underlying basis of 19th century psychology to the current legal conception is a sound one I feel. I did have some misgivings as per the structure of the chapter – as vital as the methods of reconstruction section is, it does rather break up the flow of the chapter. Is there room for this in the earlier chapters of your thesis? Especially as you rightly underscore its importance.

    I’m particularly intrigued by what is to come – especially in terms of the findings of neuroscience. Do they really challenge our notion of the person THAT much? In terms of your section on assent, the four impediments stated seem reasonable enough and, personally speaking, seem to be in accordance with the picture of human nature offered by neuroscience – I look forward to being corrected!


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